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Site Templates
Linking to site pages

When using custom navigation elements, you will need to know how to code various links. Since the entire site created within the product platform is database-driven, it is necessary to call pages differently than when coding for traditional HTML pages. Theses links must be added inside the template file.

Normal Page Links

Let’s say that you have created a navigation button that should be linked to the “About Us” Page. The following code is what should be used to link your navigation element:


This code is case sensitive and must be accurately depicted for proper operation. Notice that all spaces between words in the page names are separated by an underscore. This must be manually coded in place of spaces for the link to work properly.

The actual page name is directly related to the page name created within the “Create Pages” module of the Soholaunch Pro Edition. Notice also that the first letter of each word in the page name is capitalized. No matter what you type within the create pages module (you must create the pages within the system even if utilizing custom navigation), the system will automatically capitalize the first letter of each word in a page name and it can only be 22 characters long. Therefore, you must also keep this in mind when coding the custom link. If you are coding before creating pages within the tool, keep the page names fewer than 22 characters in length.

NOTE: Because your site is database driven, you will always call the “index.php” file when linking to normal site pages.