Soholaunch User Manual

Shipping Options

Setting Local Country
Shipping charges are applied through two ways: orders shipped to your local country and orders shipped elsewhere. You must select your local country under the Local Orders section first. This automatically sets the International Orders section to the same country. If you do not plan to ship outside your country then do not adjust the International Orders section.

Local Orders
In the edit shipping options window,  you need to select the preferred shipping method. They are described below.

Standard Shipping
Standard shipping relies upon the shipping charges specified for individual SKUs. With this option, shipping charges are applied based on the quantity of SKU ordered multiplied by the shipping price represented in the “Shipping Charge (A)” field for the particular SKU in the Product Info tab of the Edit Product panel.

UPS Realtime Shipping
UPS Realtime Shipping makes it possible for your customers to see the most up-to-date shipping costs. You must have an account with UPS in order to activate this option. On the UPS website, you will be asked to give business information and to set the weight and dimensions for your products. Once this is completed, you will then fill in your UPS Account Username and Password in the shopping cart.

Shipping by Order Sub-Total
Selecting this option allows you charge different shipping rates based on the overall order Sub-Total only. When utilizing this method, shipping charges associated with individual Skus through the “Shipping Charge (A)” field will be excluded from the checkout process.

Shipping Charges Using Custom PHP Include
Custom-developed PHP includes can be uploaded and integrated with the Shopping Cart module. Once uploaded, these includes are selected from the dropdown. (See Custom PHP Includes for more information). Make sure you check and configure any third-party includes to confirm operation and that they do not contain malicious code.

International Orders
Configure Shipping Charges for orders that will be shipped outside your local country.