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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Advanced FAQs
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Why do I keep getting the system requirements screen when launching the application?
You must be using Internet Explorer 5.1 or better from a Windows based PC to access the product. If you are not using a compatible browser, you will see this screen each time you launch the product automatically.

I need an SSH or Telnet program, where do I get one?

We recommend using PUTTY for Windows based machines:

You can also use Open SSH for Linux:

Why can't I access the application from Netscape or Mozilla browsers?

The Soholaunch Pro Edition was designed to be access via a Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 5.1 or better browser running from a Windows based PC desktop.Remember however, every web site created with the application can be viewed from any browser, 3.0 and up, on any OS.

Designed to run from a Red Hat Linux or Microsoft Windows server environment, the functionality and speed of the Soholaunch Pro Edition are felt each time you perform an action. These actions have been time tested and made possible by the use of programming elements only available through the Internet Explorer browser. These elements make the user experience more intuitive and less time intensive – unlike other products that claim to do the same thing, but do not deliver.

Some people have questioned the reasoning behind this methodology, but the answer is quite simple.

Everything has been working great for months, now I can't login to the application, why?

Congratulations, your web site is receiving a large amount of site traffic. Because of this you are pushing the limit of memory that has been allocated by default for PHP to utilize in operation. You will need to modify the PHP.INI file to reflect a few changes as indicated below:

max_execution_time = 60;
memory_limit = 20M;

These entries already exist within the PHP.INI so you DO NOT simply add these to the end of the PHP.INI and expect them to work. Generally, depending on your hosting environment, you will need to restart your server for these changes to take effect.

Error Message: "
Could not connect to database 'DATABASENAME' (localhost). Check your database setup."
Assuming this occurs after a successful, working installation, one of two reasons could cause this error: Your database server could be down.Check with your ISP to make sure this is not the case or if you have a dedicated server, make sure that the mySQL daemon has been started.

Generally this is caused by the fact your website is receiving better than average traffic.The amount of connections to your mySQL database has exceeded its allotted amount.The default connections allowed over an 8-hour period are 100.You can and will want to change this setting to correct this and future issues that you may encounter.Do so by modifying the MY.CONF file.This file may NOT exist on your server so you may have to create it.Add the following lines to this file or create the file with these lines in it:


The max_connections settings tells mySQL how many concurrent connections to the database to allow at one time and the wait_timeout variable tells how long to wait before closing a persistent data connection.These are recommended settings, but could be moved up to higher values as needed.