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Custom Web Forms
Custom eNewsletter signup forms

In order to comply with COPPA standards, newsletter forms are separated from others in the forms library. Although usage of the pre-installed “Quick-N-Dirty” Signup form is recommended, custom-developed forms may be uploaded to Pro Edition and used to create data tables to which the eNewsletter module can send.

The process for Creating a form that can be placed on a Site Page through the Newsletter Signup object is much like that of other web forms, but with a few exceptions:

Although not required, you should include fields through which users may specify their email format preference (HTML or Text-Only).

<select name=“EMAIL_TYPE”>
  <option value=“HTML”>HTML</option>
  <option value=“TEXT”>HTML</option>

To comply with COPPA standards, you should include a field that, by whatever method, requests information to verify that the user is greater that thirteen years of age. The name of this variable must be named “Year Born.”

<input type=“text” name=“Year Born”>

You must include this hidden field somewhere in your form:

<input type=“hidden” name=“EMAILTO” value=“NEWSLETTER_SIGNUP_PROCESS”>

If your form includes this tag, you may upload it to the Pro Edition as you would a normal web form. Once uploaded, it will be available through the normal forms library object, and not the Signup object.