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Secure Users
What is the secure login system?

The Secure Users module, also referred to as the Secure Login system, allows you to set up server authenticated site security for individual aspects of your web site. This is accomplished via a series of security codes, or “groups”, that you create. A security code can be any alpha-numeric combination that you create and there is no limit to the number of security codes that you can create. These security codes (groups) can be attached to site pages, calendar events, and even individual shopping cart skus. In earlier chapters, we have skipped over various sections that have a “Security Code” drop down selection associated with them. This is where you would assign a specific code group to that item.

The second part of your secure login system involves creating authenticated users. Users are individual site visitors who have a unique username and password assigned to them; either manually through the “Secure Users” module or through a batch authentication process in the “Database Table Manager”. Once a user is created, you can assign multiple security codes (groups) in which they are authorized to access. Each user can be assigned up to ten different security codes.

For instance, you may have specific SKU in your shopping cart that requires a security code of “Wholesale” to access. When a normal site visitor views your shopping cart, he/she never even sees these secure products. Instead, your designated user will have to login and be “authenticated” by the server in order to view these products. They do so via the “Auth User” object located on the Page Editor object bar. It can be placed on any page of your site, or even hard coded into your template.