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Site Templates
Custom template design guidelines

This section covers the creation and integration of custom templates for use with the Soholaunch Pro Edition, and is intended for graphic designers and site developers. As such, a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and HTML programming is recommended.

How the Pro Edition interprets template information
Within the maintenance platform, users will only have access to the page “content” area for editing. This means that each site must have a template design that maintains continuity throughout the site. Automatic menu generation is built in to the Soholaunch management tool so that Menu Display buttons and sub-page buttons can be defined within the template. This gives you the option of placing Menu Display systems vertically, on the left or right of the page layout, or horizontally, across the top or bottom of your pages.

You may also wish to custom-design your main navigation system and not use the Menu Display feature at all. This allows you to have total control over font, colors and sizes of your navigation structure. For even greater flexibility in design, different templates may be assigned to individual site pages throughout your site.

Your template designs can take on any level of complexity that you wish them to have. However, please note that the user, via the management tool, cannot change any images, text, or links built into the template. This should always be planned and noted well ahead of the build process.

In order for your template to work, you will be producing a series of images and an HTML template file to be uploaded via the Pro Edition’s File Upload module.