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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Glossary and internet terms

128 Bit Encryption
Most common encryption algorithm used to secure transmitted data through the Internet.
Email address that is automatically routed to another. (i.e.: is sent to
America Online is an Internet Service Provider that accounts for roughly 80% of the online population.
Active Server Pages. Unlike HTML, this type of program can interpret logical programming commands. This is also representative of “Application Service Provider” which refers to a company that supplies thin-client software applications.
A file extension that identifies a Windows Media movie file format.
Program used to "browse" or access the Internet. Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer are Browsers.
High level programming language. Generally used to design programs for local machines and not used on the Internet.
Cable Modem
Used to access the Internet via a broadband connection for many home users.
Common Gateway Interface. Used to describe a programming script or language used to interpret logical programming commands on a web site.
Client Computer
A computer system or process that requests a service of another computer system or process. A workstation requesting the contents of a file from a file server is a client of the file server. Your home PC is considered a client computer when accessing the Internet.
When hosting companies rent space at a hosting facility in order to connect there "owned" hardware to the Internet, they are co-locating there equipment or servers.
Comma Separated Value file. A text-based data table format. Generally used to import and export data to database tables via the Internet.
A grouping of data tables that contain specific relational data. A database is not an Excel spreadsheet, but a number of "Spreadsheets" linked together with common "keys" or data.

Dedicated Hosting
A hosting company term that identifies a web hosting server (computer) that only contains a single "web site". Normal shared or virtual hosting environments are servers that contain multiple "web sites" on a single server.
A temporary connection to the Internet used by a large population to connect to the Internet.
Domain Name Service. The DNS is essentially the phone book that enables everyone connected to the Internet to locate your web site online. See Also: IP Address and MX
A file extension used to identify a Microsoft Word Document.
Digital Subscriber Line. Used to access the Internet via a broadband connection for many home users.
Email Client
The program that enables you to send and receive Email via the Internet. Outlook Express and Eudora are examples of email clients.
A field is a single data expression present in a database table.
File Types
Types are known as file extensions that are a part of filenames once they are saved from a given program. See "GIF; JPG; TIF; CSV; XLS; DOC; TXT; PDF; MOV; AVI; PPT; ZIP; MP3"
The interface between an online shopping cart and the merchant account that processes online credit card transactions. This would be the equivalent to the machine sitting on a retail outlets desk that "swipes" credit cards.
Graphic Interchange Format. An image file generally used when displaying "drawn" images in a web page.
GUI (Goo-ee)
Graphical User Interface. Used to describe the way users interact with computer programs.
All websites must be "hosted" on a server in order to be connected to the Internet. Hosting companies provide "hosting" services.  HTML
Hypertext Markup Language. This is the universal programming language used to deliver web pages to your browser.

HTML Email
A type of email messages containing graphics and links that look like a normal web page. The Email Client must be able to view these types of email.

Internet Explorer (IE)
Microsoft's Browser.
IP Address
Internet Protocol Address. Every web site, ISP connection and server has an IP Address associated with it. This number is like a telephone number. Every one is unique and the DNS acts as a phone book connection the URL to appropriate IP.
Used to access the Internet via a broadband connection for businesses. Essentially obsolete with DSL and Cable technology.
A programming language used on the Internet to deliver interactive programs through browsers.JAVA programs must be downloaded to the client computer fully before executing.
A programming language used as embedded scripting within HTML documents to provide a more interactive element to static web pages.
An image file format generally used when displaying photo quality images in a web page.
Key Field
The field within a database table that is used to identify and associate record data between multiple tables.
Local Area Network. One or More computers linked together in a single geographical location.
Merchant Account
The account id and transaction id that is associated with a merchant who accepts credit card orders via the Internet or other "gateway" terminal.
A file extension that identifies an Apple Quicktime movie file format.
A file extension used to identify a popular music format.
Mail eXchange Record. This entry in the DNS (Internet Phone Book) tells Internet users at what IP Address (Phone Number) to send email associated with a particular URL (Website).
A version of the Structured Query Language database. See SQL.

Name Servers/DNS Servers
Each hosting company has its own Domain Name Servers, commonly referred to as Name Servers, which direct domain names to the appropriate hosting account. Any questions about this issue should be raised with your domain registrar and hosting provider.
Netscape software's browser. The Netsape browser is owned by AOL however, the Internet Explorer browser is used for all AOL members.

Optical Cable Level 3. This term is used to describe a "fiber" connection that is generally used to connect servers to the Internet. This is the fastest connection available today.
Portable Document Format. Used to identify a document that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. (Acrobat is a free download available for all types of computers)
Programming language used to create CGI programs or scripts that interact with web sites.
An active server page programming language used to make web pages more interactive.
Packet Internet Groper. A program used to test reach ability of destinations by sending them a request and waiting for a reply. The term is used as a verb: "Ping host X to see if it is up!"
Post Office Protocol 3. This is the standard protocol used to retrieve email from a given server via the Internet.
A file extension used to identify a Microsoft Power Point presentation format.
Primary Key
See "Key Field".
A "row" of single fields within a database table.
Relational Links
Two or more database tables linked together using "Key Field" associations.
Screen Resolution
The number of vertical and horizontal "pixels" that a computer or desktop PC monitor can display.
A computer connected to the Internet, WAN or LAN used to provide services such as file storage or data delivery.
Server Authentication
A security verification of a persons identity or process on a server.
Shared Hosting
A term used to describe a web site hosting environment that contains multiple web sites (IP addresses) on a single server.
Pro EditionP
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the standard protocol used to transfer email from server to server via the Internet.
Structured Query Language is a form of programming language that allows other programming to communicate with databases.

Secure Socket Layer. This is an encryption technique used to secure data transmitted via the Internet.
Used by most larger companies as a full-time connection to the Internet. An AT&T term for a digital carrier facility used to transmit a DS-1 formatted digital signal at 1.544 megabits per second.
Used by most larger companies as a full-time connection to the Internet. A term for a digital carrier facility used to transmit a DS-3 formatted digital signal at 44.746 megabits per second.
A table is a collection of records used to comprise a group of data within a database.
Text Email
A type of email message that does NOT contain images or links, but simply text.
Thin Client
A client computer of PC that does not have any processing power. Also known as a "Dumb Terminal".
A Macintosh image file type. Very high quality and not generally used in web sites.
Tracert (Trace Route)
A program used to Trace the Route of an IP address or (Phone Number) on the Internet.
A file extension used to identify a common text file format. 
The Uniform Resource Locator is the name associated with a given web site, i.e.: 
Virtual Hosting
A term used to describe a web site hosting environment that contains multiple web sites within a single IP address on a server. Note: Most individual web sites have there own IP address assigned.
Wide Area Network. A group of computers linked together in multiple geographical locations.

Web Mail
Many hosting companies provide services that allow customers to check their email through the internet. This service is commonly referred to as Web Mail, and should be handled entirely through your hosting provider.
A file extension used to identify a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet document.
A file extension used to identify a compressed set of files. Used to compress and transfer large file types across the Internet (See ).