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Quick Start Guide
Secure Login System

Nearly every large website has some level of user authentication. Without the Pro Edition, these systems are extremely complex, especially to the less experienced developer. To access the Secure Users, click on Page/Product Security from the main menu. From the Secure Users, follow these steps to configure security options:

Type “B-2 Custom Widgets” into the Security Codes field on the right

Click on Create Group

Click on Create New User

Type “B-2 Custom Widgets” as the User/Company Full Name, “b2” as the Username, your email address as the User/Company Email, and “custom” as the Password.

“Select “B2 Custom Widgets” from the Login Redirect drop-down box.

Select “B-2 Custom” from one of the security code drop-downs on the bottom portion of the screen.

Click Save New User

Open “Home Page” in the Page Editor and drag the Auth Login object (upper-right) into the Content Area.

Open “B2 Custom Widgets” in the Page Editor

Click on the Page Properties button in the upper bar

Select “B-2 Custom” from the Security Code drop-down.

Return to the Main Menu and view your site.

With the example site complete, you should be comfortable with the layout and usage of the Soholaunch Pro Edition. You are on your way to developing more and more complex web sites.