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Quick Start Guide
Shopping Cart Module

With quarterly sales exceeding ten billion dollars in the U.S alone (as of Q2 2002), and growth rates climbing towards twenty-five percent, ecommerce has become a necessity for businesses in every world market. The Pro Edition’s the Shopping Cart Module lets you easily develop ecommerce solutions that are highly effective, vastly configurable, and blisteringly fast.

The example client, A-1 Widgets, has provided you with minor information about their Super Widget. They have told you that pricing will be based on three types for metallic plating (Bronze -- $19.95; Silver – $29.95; Gold – $39.95). Customers should also be allowed to choose their desired shape (square or round) without affecting their total. From the Main Menu, click on Shopping Cart, and then follow these steps to begin configuring it.

For your example site:
1) Click on Create Categories

2) Type “Widgets” into the Category 1 text field

3) Click on Save Categories

4) Click on Add New Products

5) Type “001” into the SKU Number field

6) Type “Super Widget” into the Part Name text field

7) Type “19.95” into the Unit Price text field

8) Type a short description into the Description field (i.e. “A truly super widget.”)

9) Type “Super Widget” into the Part Name text field

10) Select “Widgets” from the Main Category drop-down on the lower-left

11) Click on the PRICE VARIATION tab

12) Type “Square” into the Sub-Category 1 field and “Round” into Sub-Category 2

13) Type “Bronze” into the Variant 1 field, “Silver” into Variant 2, and “Gold” into Variant 3

14) Type the prices listed earlier into the corresponding $ text fields

15) Click on the ADVANCED OPTIONS tab

16) Select “Super Widget” from the Attachment Page drop-down on the upper left

17) Click on SAVE PRODUCT at the upper-right

18) Click on Shopping Cart Menu in the upper bar

You have added a product to your shopping cart, but you must now configure Payment Options (bottom-left on Shopping Cart Menu) and Display Settings (top-right on Shopping Cart Menu). For Payment Options, select “Offline (Credit Card),” leave the other options as their default settings, and click Save Payment Options at the bottom. Return to the Shopping Cart Menu, and configure the Display Settings as you desire.

Now that a product exists in the Shopping Cart, you can add it to the “Products” page you created earlier by opening the page, dragging the Shopping Cart Object (upper-right) into the Content Area, selecting Super Widget from the Single Product Promotion drop-down that appears. Then click the OK button next to the drop-down, and Preview the page. When you are finished viewing the individual item, Click on More Information to view the details page, which includes the information you placed on the “Super Widget” Attachment Page.