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Webmaster Menu
Quick-Start Wizard

The QuickStart Wizard allows the first time user to quickly begin building their website by creating common pages that are pre-populated with generic content. The QuickStart Wizard displays upon login until it is turned off, and can be re-activated through the Webmaster menu.

QuickStart Options:
The Wizard’s first screen allows the user to select whether they would like to utilize the QuickStart Wizard or proceed to the Main Menu and prevent the Wizard from being displayed in the future. It is recommended that the QuickStart Wizard only be used if no other site content has been created.

Select the template (graphical layout) that you would like to use with your website initially.

In this step, the Quickstart Wizard allows you to select from a list of common page names that you would like to use with your website. The pages that you check will be created and pre-populated with generic content. If you have already created a page with the same name as one of the pages you select from the Wizard, the original page will be overwritten by the Wizard-created page.

In this step, the Wizard collects your business name, contact email, and company logo. It will then use this information to personalize your content.

QuickStart Complete
Once you have completed the QuickStart Wizard, you will be given the option to either view your Wizard-created website, or begin editing your site content.