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Secure Users
Batch authenticating users

Many users may be added to your authenticated users area by “batch” authenticating through the Database Table Manager. To do so, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

Create a new table with fields for your user data.
Import or populate data into the newly created data table.

When ready, select the “Authenticate Users” option.
Select the table containing the new authenticated user data.
You will be presented with the field matching screen:

From here you must match the CSV field data to the appropriate data needed, just like you were manually entering these users. When ready, click the “Next >>” button at the bottom of the screen and the user data within the data table will be added to your authenticated users. If users already exist in the “authenticated user” system, they will not be re-authenticated.

During this process the “AUTO_SECURE_AUTH” field of your data table will be populated with a unique 128-bit encrypted string that identifies this particular “user” to the Pro Edition system. You can now setup a search for this table and if this user is logged in via the website, they will have the ability to EDIT their record through the web site. They may even upload their own images!