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Secure Users
Creating new authenticated users

To create a new authorized user, click on the “Create New User” button located on the left of the Secure Login Menu. This will bring you to the New User Menu, which is separated into to tabs: “Authentication Info” and “User Info.”

Authentication Info
Nearly all of the fields under the Authentication Info tab must be filled out for the Secure Login system function properly. These fields are marked with a red asterisks.

User/Company Full Name: The full name of the user or of the organization you would like him/her to be associated with.

User/Company Email Address: If this field does not contain a valid and relevant email address, the user will not be able to utilize the “Forgot My Password” feature.

Assigned User Name: This field must contain the username that this user will use when logging in to secure areas of your website.

Assigned Password: This field must contain the password that this user will use when logging in to secure areas of your site.

Expiration Date: If a users access to secure areas of your web site should be temporary, you may assign an expiration date to his/her login information. When this date is reached, the user will no longer be able to login to secure areas of your web site, although his/her profile will still exist within the Pro Edition, in the case that you wish to reactivate the account.
Login Redirect Page: This option determines which of your site pages this user will be directed to once he/she has successfully logged in.

After configuring the options by which to identify a user, you must specify which of the existing security codes he/she will have access to once successfully logged in. Using the drop-down boxes on the lower half of the Pro Edition window, you may give this user clearance to view pages within up to ten different security groups.

User Info Tab
The fields located under this tab are optional, and used only if you wish this user to be recognized by the Shopping Cart. If you chose to fill out these options, the user’s billing and shipping information will be automatically “remembered” when he/she makes a purchase from your online catalog, provided that you have activated the "Remember Me" feature through the Shopping Cart's Display Settings. No credit card information is remembered, and customers can change this information at check out.