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eNewsletter Module
eNewsletter Sign-up object

Before configuring and sending an eNewsletter campaign, you must implement a method through which site visitors may sign up for it. Open the page you wish to edit in the Page Editor, and drag the “SignUp” object into the content area, which open a new window containing options for the SignUp form.

eNewsletter SignUp form

Choose the form you wish to use on this page: A generic newsletter SignUp form is pre-installed for use in lieu of a custom-developed form. For more information regarding the development and integration of custom eNewsletter signup forms, refer to Sites Statistics.

Create a user data table: When a signup form is submitted, it will place the provided information into a data table that you may use when sending eNewsletter campaigns. This field allows you to specify the name of the data table that this signup form will create.

Route visitor upon submission: After completing and submitting the signup form, users will be directed to the Site Page specified in this option. You may also chose for the browser window containing the form to close once the form is successfully submitted. This feature has been added for clients linking from an existing web site who may wish to spawn the form in a separate browser window. Therefore, when the form is submitted, the Pro Edition automatically closes the window.