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eNewsletter Module
Campaign Manager Introduction

eNewsletter Main Menu

The newsletter module allows you to communicate with your site visitors as often as you would like. By allowing visitors to sign-up or “opt-in” to receive email updates about your site, you are able to promote products and communicate news on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

There are two types of newsletter formats, HTML and Text. It is very important that you understand these types, how they affect users, and the methods by which they are managed by the Soholaunch Pro Edition.

Most users on the Internet today are able to accept HTML via email, meaning that their email systems can accept images and interpret the HTML code used to display web pages. From a marketing perspective, this allows great flexibility in how information is delivered. However, the downside is that some users prefer not to receive HTML via email because of the potential of receiving viruses or other unwanted material. Others, simply do not have the ability to accept HTML even if they wanted to. Though the Soholaunch newsletter module allows users to select which type of newsletter they wish to receive, still others do not even know the difference between HTML and Text email messages. This presents a problem when trying to send mass newsletter mailings to assorted visitors.

Within the Soholaunch platform, HTML newsletters are encouraged regardless of how your visitors may choose to receive their emails. This is because the newsletter module uses some unique features to insure every user is able to view your newsletter.

When you create and send an HTML newsletter to a data table, the text message is MIME-embedded in the code of the HTML. This is done so that if a user has selected to receive an HTML newsletter, but they are unable to view it, they will simply see the text email anyway. Also, certain groups of users are set to receive Text emails whether they choose HTML or not.